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Huge improvement, but needs a little work

This is a collosal improvement from your previous Mega Man game, but I think you still need to touch up a few things:
Firstly, the speed of game is too high. Mega Man moves too quickly and his animation plays too fast - as do all the enemies. You might like to try adjusting the frame rate and the movement variables to slow things down to the pace of the actual Mega Man games
Secondly, things like "constantly shooting" and "constantly jumping" should've been ironed out of your code a long time ago. The player should have to release the jump/shoot button in order to jump/shoot again, not hold it down and unleash a constant barrage of jumps/shots. The jumping physics here mimick the actual Mega Man physics quite well, so it'd be a shame to see it wasted with the shoddy control programming.

To summarise, add a little touch-ups like those suggested and you'd have a fantastic game; as I said before, this is a huge, huge, HUGE MASSIVE JESUS FUCK WOW improvement over your last Mega Man game; don't let all those great improvements be bogged down by a few issues as mentioned above.

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maelstormm responds:

For the first thing, this speed is always going to be fast. If things work well, it's actually going to get faster too <3 As noted in the comments, "The game is intended to be very fast and very aggessive with just as much in common with a twitch shooter as a traditional Mega Man one".

For the second thing, the "constantly shooting" and "constantly jumping" should not have been ironed out of the code because they are there intentionally -_- Partly because it's my preference, partly because it saves room in the keyboard buffer and because cloning Capcom's gameplay is not my desire as noted in the comments, "The game is intended to be very fast and very aggessive with just as much in common with a twitch shooter as a traditional Mega Man one". So what you end up with is a fast paced, bullets spewing everywhere, platform jumping game. Which is my goal for this fella.

Though I appreciate the comments in the sense that you were offering feedback thinking they were bugs.

Good physics

Very impressed with the physics you programmed here - even more so given the processor constraints you had to work under. Well done.

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Nearly there

You have an ok game, but the engine needs some work for it to become a good game. You need to iron out the rough spots in the engine, you don't want the hammer animation to continually play when the user holds space, you only want it to play once and make the user release space (the same applies for the jump sequence - the user should need to release the jump button to jump again). You then need to define the dominant keys for when several keys are pressed at once (ie the crazy-spinning-Mario glitch). You also need to fix up the "delay" where Mario stops moving after he stomps on an enemy - generally in the Mario games he bounces when he stomps an enemy.

You nearly had it, but with those little parts of extra polish on the coding, you would've nailed it.

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Amazing Eug

Although I'd seen it many times before during production, I must say it feels like a new game after seeing it here. The new soundtrack is incredibly good and easily the best music made by you that I've heard. Your UI is also incredibly well done and shiny, though thats something you ALWAYS excel in. I've seen your source and it clearly shows you've spent alot of effort in writing it and that you really know what you're doing. I like that the fact that you have optimized all your graphics by converting them to .png's, but on that topic, it seems that in a browser window the game only runs at about 15 fps instead of 20 - although I think the game would be be paced a lot better running at say, 30 fps instead of 20.

Finally, amazing game play, amazing graphics and amazing music (msn it to me :D). Well done.



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Sto0g3 responds:

Shhh.. Me and Viktim are different people ;)

I am so glad you reminded me that this game existed :P It wouldnt be here if it werent for you.
So yeah, I will most probably fix up a few glitches and bump the framerate up in the next update.

Or just start fresh and make a less-laggy engine :P

Anyway, thanks for the review- how goes your Hitman animation? When will it grace the portal?

Fighting engine is superb, controls not so great.

The fighting engine is great - I liked how you could pull off combos by successively pressing the same attack button and even using different attack buttons throughout that combo strings together very well. The weapon system is an excellent idea and you have implemented it very well into your engine - a feature I thought was excellent was that you could knock weapons out of opponent's hands and use them yourself. I have a few complaints though. I didn't like the controls - I would highly prefer if you coded a 6-button layout like Street Fighter.

However, the style of this game is through the roof - multiple kung fu styles to choose from - multiple weapons AND 3 different stances and attacks for each weapon. As a martial artist myself, I really enjoyed seeing so many different styles in one game.

Graphics wise - eh, I've always had the attitude that fighting games need hand-drawn frame by frame. I know that with hand-drawn frame by frame animation you can't really have any character customization without completely animating each frame of that one shirt - but to be honest - I would not miss the character customization mode if it were gone. It also had a lot of room for added flare - such as "hit sparks" when you land a technique, dust rising at your feet after you land from a jump, more variation on the blood effects, etc etc. But on review of the graphics you did have - as a martial artist myself I can't say I can complain about the accuracy of any of the techniques and did you did well accurately animating all the different moves of the different styles.

Sound - Sound effects were pretty good, but a few more music tracks would be lovely.

I think your programming skills are excellent and you have clearly demonstrated that here (Actionscript camera rocked) and if this game implemented a 6-button layout like Street Fighter it would be far better. Please consider any of my suggestions if you make a sequel.


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Soem really nice actionscript here!

The style and gameplay were great! The scrolling background worked very well and the animation, characters and backgrounds were also very good. Now what I'd like to see in a future version or sequel is more moves (and possibly even a combo system), blood and more enemies.

Nice game.

BTW, Did you rotoscope the graphics or animate them yourself?

Great physics - gameplay needs improving

The physics were very cool; however, the gameplay wasn't all that great. I didn't like it how the screen scrolls far left or right when you face those ways (which ultimately prevented you from aiming straight up). You should also allow the player to jump fast while sprinting. The animations were pretty boring and looked like they lacked any realism. If you fixed up the few gameplay flaws and improved the animations - it'd be a very high quality flash game - the physics were very fun!!

Oh - and more very important thing - Gordon Freeman DOESN'T talk :P

Great game.


How the hell did you code those 3D environments!?

Incredible. How the hell did you code those 3D environments!?

Coding could potentially be pretty good

Your engine so far is looking potentially pretty good, you need to the fix the errors where you can still move when you're dead and attacking.

As for the character selection, just off the top of my head *don't know if it'll work but give it a shot*
Have 1 main movie clip with all the different character's main movie clips in it and give it an instance name of "mainchar". Make buttons on the character selection page that when you press them for example _root.choosekirby=true;
Then in your "mainchar", put some code like *assuming you put Kirby's main movie clip on frame 1*
onClipEvent (load) {
if (_root.choosekirby==true)) {
} else if (_root.chooselink==true)) {
} else if (_root.choosemario==true)) {

See if it works, if not, well, what can ya do?

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